Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you change proxies?

You can ask for a free proxy replacement once/billing month excluding the first billing month. We only renew your proxies when you request it.

What are your available locations? Can I choose specific location?

We have number of locations within the United States.  We "only" provide US-based proxies although in some cases you can request a particular state/city.

What payments do you accept?


Can I use your proxies for mailing?

You can use our proxies for webmailing using Gmail, Aol, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. There’s no specific mailing limits. We do however block port 25, and don’t allow SMTP based email.

Can I use your proxies with any browser?

You can use them with almost every browser/application that supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

Can these proxies be used in classified ads website?

Yes, they can be used.

What type of proxies does Proxies.Today offer?

We sell only HTTP/HTTPS proxies. They are running on high end dedicated proxy servers.

What type anonimity do your proxies offer?

Our proxies are classified as “High Anonymity” proxies, they offer the highest level of security possible. They are 100% Anonymous.

Can I get test proxies?

Test proxies are not available. You can try 1 private proxy for testing purpose.

Do you provide proxy username and password?

Our proxies work with User and Password Authentication and also with IP Authentication.

Can I post on Craigslist without PVA?

No, you will need a PVA for each IP then you can post on (US) Craigslist. You may post to one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours per IP, everything else puts your PVA at risk.

How many concurrent connections can be used?

By default we allow up to 100 concurrent threads. Though in practice, running a lot of threads can cause a natural degradation in performance. We suggest experimenting with the actual number of threads and find what suits you best.